Flaming Flower Productions continues to be a trendsetter and leader in the event production and floral design arena headed by owner and pop-culture guru Justin Howard. Justin, who always stays ahead of the curve in productions and floral art installations has had his work seen at every major Hollywood event from the Golden Globes, Grammy's, Oscars, reality TV show appearances and charity events.

With Presidents, celebrities, professional athletes and Fortune 500 corporations as continuous clientele, it is easy to see why Flaming Flower Productions will continue to set new standards in event production for years to come.

Behind the rock-star body of art, Flaming Flower Productions continuously pushes the limits by stimulating your senses from head to toe. From floral ensembles, to weddings, launch parties, and red carpet events, Flaming Flower Production’s creative approach and artistic vision takes any event to new levels by truly captivating guests with an unforgettable atmospheric experience.

Flaming Flower Productions takes company branding to all new levels. Justin Howard consistently creates new ideas and concepts never before seen. If you are serious about an event that sets your company apart from norm, Flaming Flower Productions is the only acceptable corporate event producer.